Research at Laurentian University, 2017

Further Experiments

As we know today, the Palucki method is a comprehensive method that affects the nervous system, dissolves negative emotions from the psyche and body. Before this became so clear, however, there was the question whether the success of the method was based on special subtle or psychic abilities of Ilona Palucki and to what extent this could be measured.

Therefore, studies and experiments have also been carried out in this area, also with the aim to advance the understanding of the existence of such abilities. The Consciousness Research Laboratory of Dr. Michael A. Persinger at Laurentian University is one of the research labs that has gained international prominence and recognition in this field.

Various experiments were made with Ms. Palucki, such as EEG measurements of brain activity between her and a patient, as well as measurements of biophoton emissions from the head, body and hands and even experiments with cancer cells.

The scientist Mandy Scott M.A. wrote:

The knowledge and wisdom of the Shaman-Healer is an integral part of ancient as well as modern Indigenous society. Although the methods and mechanisms by which the healer operates may appear elusive, recent advancements in technology have made it possible to measure the significant fluctuations of subtle energy involved in the healing response observed in the individual receiving treatment (Radin et al, 2008). Moreover, the ability of the healer to become coherent with the one receiving treatment has also been clearly demonstrated (Hunt, 1989; Ventura, Saroka & Persinger, 2014). These discoveries reveal the critical role of intention and awareness, as well as the energetic nature, of the healing process.

[…] In this way the IP Breathing Technique for healing trauma involves a synthesis of spiritual and psychological approaches to healing and it is rooted in simple and pragmatic Indigenous wisdom centered on wholeness, balance, and the interaction of the mind, body, heart and spirit. […]

Mandy A. Scott, MA , PhD Candidate
Consciousness Research Laboratory
Neuroscience Research Group, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Hunt, V. (1989). Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness. Malibu, CA: Malibu Publishing Company.
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Ventura, A.C.; Saroka, K.S.; Persinger, M.A. (2014). Non-Locality changes in intercerebral theta band coherence between practitioners and subjects during distant Reiki procedures, Journal of Nonlocality, 3(1), 1-25.

with scientist Mandy Scottduring cancer cell experiments

during experiments measuring biophoton emissions from Ilona Palucki´s bodyElectro-Encephalography measure


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