If a difficult experience continues to trouble you, if you are suffering from stress or from a trauma, then you’ve found the right place. The Palucki Method is offering you the greatest prospect of relief and of complete healing.

Treatment with this method is very fast, while being gentle at the same time. Hundreds of people were able to find inner peace and wellbeing – even decades after a traumatic event or abuse.

The Palucki® Method

With the Palucki Method to Heal Trauma and Past Pains we are able to completely dissolve stress which is directly associated with a traumatic experience – once and for all. We have a very high success rate of +90% for achieving exactly that. This is verified by hundreds of successful treatments and checking in with clients until months and even years after the treatment.

Further, the method is achieving this in an extremely short amount of time. The Palucki Method is a one-time final treatment of the trauma, no additional treatment necessary. These characteristics make it a breakthrough in helping trauma sufferers. Furthermore, the treatment is very gentle.

The power of the method is also confirmed by our clinical evaluation study.

How can this be possible you may ask and why didn’t we say anything about PTSD yet? Our approach is different. Current approaches aim to decrease stress symptoms by teaching a trauma sufferer how to regulate his affects and how he can change misinterpreting events as threats. This is paraphrased as “learning to live with trauma”.

We discovered a way to heal the original traumatic experience by dissolving the negative emotion that is directly connected to it. The method works on the cause, not just the symptom. Then and only then, the consequential stress symptoms such as PTSD can be sustainably and permanently extinguished.

Even decades after a traumatic event it is possible to dissolve it’s imprint and it’s grip on oneself. The Palucki Method uses a special breathing technique and awareness techniques to bring the client into a psychosomatic state where mental images, memories, and physical sensations surface from the subconscious. Then they can be purposefully addressed and released from the depths of consciousness as well as from the body. These techniques have evolved during 25 years of investigation by Ilona Palucki and then culminating in the discovery of the method in 2008.

Breathing and awareness techniques can be powerful and natural instruments to invoke the healing response of the body without drugs. A great example how powerful deep-breathing can be, has been shown by Wim Hof: with his method he proved to survive hour-long immersion in ice-water. Previously this was believed to be impossible. It always seems impossible until someone is doing it!

The first case and the majority of cases since then, have been victims of childhood sexual abuse – one of the severest as well as the most taboo and most untreated type of trauma. This affirms the power of this discovery.

The Palucki Method is a method to heal trauma – once and for all, reliably and gently.

 Offered Services

Selection of Treatable Conditions & Process

The Palucki Method is a breakthrough for treating trauma regarding success rates and treatment duration and it is gentle..

The Palucki Method is an original, naturalistic and neurobiological method to heal psychological trauma and unresolved emotions resulting from disturbing events, such as:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse
    • Emotional
    • Narcissistic
    • Bullying
    • Gaslighting
  • Physical abuse, assault
  • Loss of loved ones, miscarriage, abortion
  • Transgenerational trauma
  • Processing feelings of guilt and of experiences of any kind
  • Physical injuries
  • Natural & manmade disasters, displacement
  • Issues resulting from culture and ethnicity

Should you not have found relief after having sought the advice and/or treatment of a mainstream medical professional, we are kindly offering our services to you. A guarantee for healing cannot be given, of course.


The treatment method includes associations, emotions, language and body sensations, as well as a highly differentiated breathing technique – the Palucki Breathing Technique.

Every issue is treated and concluded, one by one. Depending on the number and complexity of issues, the treatment takes between one day and up to two weeks (in rare cases three weeks) for multiple issues. After the treatment you will receive a period of coaching for two months via phone or skype.

During your treatment period you will be the only person who will receive the entire attention from Ms. Palucki. No other client is on site or treated simultaneously.

The treatment can be received at our Retreat in the South of France (Provence, Côte d’Azur) where you will be accomodated in your own apartment. This is a place of tranquility and harmony with a lot of sun and nature. Alternatively Ms. Palucki can come to your location anywhere in the world to work with you there.

To begin your healing journey, schedule an initial personal conversation with Ilona Palucki. During this, the options for a treatment that focuses on your individual situation are discussed. This conversation is done via skype (video, in exceptions via phone) and is free of charge. After the initial conversation you receive a quote.

“Highest attention, compassion and love are essential elements of successful healing. It is always an individual work between the client and myself, a significant event, in which I am attentive, respectful and personal to the highest degree. I guarantee you that.”

Ilona Palucki

Healing Trauma from

Ask yourself this question: Does this issue have to follow me until the end of my life? The answer is: No!

The Palucki Method gives you the opportunity to quickly reach & release the issues that have bothered you for so long. There is little gain in having talked about it at great length for years. The tears, that just won’t dry up and keep coming over and over again – despite many years of therapy – only show that the trauma may have been analyzed and looked at from all angles, but it has not been healed.

You don’t have to worry that all the details of the event will have to be drawn out once again! All that is required are a few cues to finally release you from this trauma.

Already during the healing session you will feel how your head frees up and how the first feeling of happiness returns to your being. This sensation expands steadily to your entire body and soul.

All that remains in the end are memories, but without active emotional energy or effect. If you look back at it then – should you happen to – it occurs in complete calm. The original information of pain and hurt cannot return, because it has been dissolved for good. You find complete inner and outer peace.

The majority of our cases were victims of childhood sexual abuse – one of the severest as well as the most taboo and most untreated type of trauma. This gives further evidence of the power of the Palucki Method.

View detailed feedbacks of clients >>>

Healing Trauma from Miscarriage and Abortion

An abortion is often a very difficult decision. Miscarriage and abortion are heavy blows from which women only hardly recover fully even over long periods of time. Unfortunately they belong to everyday life. Suppressions develop to protect oneself superficially and towards the outside. It can be a false conclusion, however – the injuries and the guilt on the deepest layers of one’s own consciousness (soul) often remain. It may then surface in nightmares or in problematic situations e.g. during arguments with the partner, family or friends. Guilt and perceived guilt gradually blend into daily life.

It is important to face these events within the deeper layers of consciousness, those that are not harboring our reason, logic or intellectual conversation, but our deepest sentience.

Within a few hours this sorrow, trauma and guilt is dissolved completely with Ilona Palucki’s unique method. It is an essential part of this work to dissolve these injuries in a safe space, carefully, sensitively, with compassion and without judgment.

Once it has been dissolved, the original information of pain and hurt have no chance of returning, because they have been erased for good. All that remains in the end are memories without active emotional energy or effect. You find complete inner and outer peace.

Background: Understanding Psyche and Body Holistically

Exceptionally stressful experiences, if left unprocessed, can manifest within our psyche and body. This happens because we carry the history of our lives with us – every day and every night. When a significant blow of fate strikes (abuse, accident, loss of a loved one, etc.), the psyche, nervous system, body, and environment all react.

An experience that is traumatic for someone can have such a profound effect that it sends the mind, nervous system, and body into an ongoing state of alarm (fight or flight), vulnerability, numbness, dissociation, or paralysis (freeze).

However, experiences that are traumatic for an individual can also have less acute, but still severe long-term effects. Negative emotions (such as sadness, anger, and shame), negative beliefs about oneself, the world, or other people, avoidance of emotions, memories, places, situations, increased vulnerability, and irritability can be some of the persistent outcomes and repeated patterns.

In both cases, if the initial shock is not healed – which is often the case – it will create an energy potential. This can have either an immediate strong effect or a gradual yet accumulating long-term impact on one’s psyche, and ultimately on one’s body.

The effect on the psyche: After a traumatic experience and over time, a person’s beliefs, reactions, and behaviors may change. This, in turn, may attract further experiences which reinforce a negative outlook, potentially leading to cycles of victimization or perpetration.

These deeply embedded experiences may surface suddenly and unexpectedly in seemingly unrelated situations. At times, the person may become oversensitive, overwhelmed, and display erratic, defensive, or avoidant behavior. They may wonder why certain patterns occur again and again, no matter how they reposition themselves.

The effect on the body: Alongside this mental negative feedback loop, the body’s biochemistry will change, affecting homeostasis, physical wellbeing and posture through inflammation and the toxicity of stress. As a result, these cascading effects may eventually manifest as a physiological malady. “Your beliefs act like filters on a camera, changing how you see the world. And your biology adapts to those beliefs” (Lipton, 2011).

Both these effects are noted by the social environment and may lead to further non-beneficial responses, such as attracting unsuitable partners or professional decline.

Nowadays, this holistic view is increasingly supported by evidence in an array of disciplines, including trauma science, psychosomatics, neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, genetics (epigenetics), medicine, and biophysics. It is finally being released from the taboo zone and will ultimately replace the reductionist view in due time.

Energy, in various forms, surrounds and passes through our body, organs, glands, muscles, and cells. Be it In mental energy (emotions and recurring thought patterns), chemical energy (e.g. stress hormones) or physical energy (e.g. heart rate, HRV, movement)  – as a consequence of our experiences – do affect and eventually alter the programs that maintain health in our body, leading to illnesses later if left unchecked.

That being said, this psycho-energetic wisdom shows us that we can prevent the physical manifestation of psychological suffering and that there are ways out! Not every physical illness can be cured at any moment, but we can correct and heal the underlying conscious or subconscious content of the psyche, leading us to inner peace.

Nevertheless, this work and the Palucki Method should never substitute a checkup by a medical professional.

Background: The Roots of this Method

Roots of this work are going back hundreds or even thousands of years and are associated with the so-called wisdom traditions of the East (Hindusim and Buddhism) and of the indigenous people of the Americas (Shamanism). They stem from a time when modern medicine and surgery didn’t exist. During these times practices for the exploration and the use of the vast possibilities of consciousness were developed in depth (e.g. for enduring pain, for stimulating the healing response and for attaining mental freedom & spiritual liberation).

That is why the biggest treasures of this heritage are not the folklore, but the pragmatic and holistic understanding and methods for personal growth and self-actualization. These processes cannot be activated by talk-therapy. Bit by bit, this ancient wisdom is validated by science, thus widely accepted and more and more integrated into therapies and today’s affairs. It is astonishing, however, because this shows that exploration and vision is evidently capable for ubiquitous insight prior to modern technology.

That being said, the various cultures have sometimes developed more and sometimes less effective methods and views valid today. The Palucki Coaching and Healing Institute subscribes to an approach that openly and without taboo explores, but tests, validates, and filters what is effective and applicable in our present times. Our focus is on effectiveness and not on culturally specific mythologies. This in combination with insights of today’s thought and of modern science provides the best possible methods.

Scientific Research on the Palucki Method

There is continuous research ongoing surrounding all aspects of the Palucki Method. The figures on the right show the results of first eight participants of our ongoing study PMTS2021 (prelim) where participants spend 4-15 days on site (current average 9,42 days).

Previously, researchers from Laurentian University, in Ontario, Canada, and from CHS Institut, Berlin, and the University Witten-Herdecke, Germany have conducted a pilot study to research the efficacy of the Palucki Method for healing trauma. Participants suffering from trauma resulting from psychological, physical and sexual abuse were treated with the Palucki Method. The peer-reviewed paper was published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment. >>>

For a Clean-Up-AllTM -therapy with the Palucki Method a client typically spends several days followed by a 2 month period of coaching. For the purpose of this pilot study there was only one session of the Palucki method that lasted approx. 2 hrs and which bundled several of the participant’s issues.

The results of even this single unit of the Palucki Method are shown to be staggering. All participants reported good effects. Results show a significant as well as a highly significant decrease in tension, anxiety, depression, dejection, confusion, bewilderment and fatigue. Some participants even report “dramatic improvements”. Weeks later some reported to be “no longer feeling the pain and the shame, when thinking of the trauma, having forgiven the perpetrators, feeling love and connectedness with life and others.”

With the Clean-Up-AllTM-approach in ongoing practice where a client spends several days to work on all existing issues, the success and reliability that is shown in the study is maximized.

There will be more releases of the research results in the future.