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About Ilona Palucki

Ilona Palucki is a holistic healer, a certified Meta-Health Practitioner (Member of Intl. Meta-Medicine Association), a teacher for Lightbody (Packer, Roman). She is specialised in healing trauma, sorrow and anxiety from abuse, miscarriage, abortion, difficult experiences, decease of loved ones, and more. She works internationally within divers cultural backgrounds as well as in her Retreat, the ‘Spa for Mental Health’ in the South of France.

Several scientific studies and experiments to research Ilona’s healing work have been undertaken. One study demonstrating the healing of an acute and serious depression has been presented at the Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Researchers from the Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada, did a study to research Ms. Palucki’s method for healing trauma (see ‘Media’ section).

Earlier in her life Ms Palucki engaged many years in dance and expression work, was a dance-teacher in Munich, absolved several years of training in Dance-Therapy and Body-Work und published a book on dance and femininity. She trained performers and actors and studied body reading. A long-standing intellectual and spiritual exchange with known dance-pedagogue Hella Schmidt-Neuhaus, as well as the work of Raden Ayou Jodjana were leading to a deeper holistic understanding of the body.

On her spiritual journey she explored Buddhism and shamanism. Further important influences were the reports and teachings of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Lightbody work of Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman as well as initiations in the line of the Calusa tribe of Florida.

During 25 years of spiritual and shamanic healing work the extra-ordinairy sensitivity and faculties of Ilona Palucki have emerged and developed, which are being internationally researched by scientists today.

Training in psychological and energetic healing methods:

  • Shamanism with Iva from the Calusa Tribe
  • Meta-Health Practitioner, Conflict- and Trauma-Work
    Member of Intl. Meta-Medicine Association / META-Health University
  • Dance Therapy and Body Work with P. Erlenwein, PhD
  • Light Body Practitioner and Teacher
    with Doris Packulat, acc. to Duane Packer, Sanya Roman, Orin & DaBen
  • Singing Bowl with W. Häfner
  • Aura Soma Practitioner
    Member of Intl. Academy of Color Technologies, ASIACT

“Ilona is an excellent healer with a profound knowledge of human nature. She has a particular gift for locating and emotionally solving the original and buried experiences and traumas. Her open spirit draws from her scientific understanding as well as from unconscious sources.

By that, Ilona bridges the gap between modern knowledge and the ancient wisdom that is deeply imbedded in us humans.

As a META-Health Coach and Master Trainer, I am proud to recommend Ilona’s competence!”


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